Yong Yandsen/Christian Meaas Svendsen/Paal Nilssen-Love

Hungry Ghosts

Releases on the 1st of November


Hungry Ghosts are beings who are driven by intense emotional needs, periodically roaming the earth’s surface in search for anything that can satisfy their cravings. Now they’ve materialized as three leading improvisers on the improv scene: The omnipotent living legend Paal-Nilssen Love clashes head to head with bassistChristian Meaas Svendsen, playing with 2-3 bows, cheek, voice, hands and feet. In the midst of the battle we find Yong Yandsen, a high- octane Malaysian sax virtuoso who virtually explodes on stage combining the best of Japanese noise and European free-jazz-or-whatever-you- wanna-call-it together with the aforementioned gentlemen. Are they the Hungry Ghosts, or are they here to exorcise them out of you?

Yong Yandsensaxophone
Christian Meaas Svendsen - bass
Paal Nilssen-Love - drums



Adrian Løseth Waade – Kitchen Music

Released on the 27th of September


«Kitchen Music» is Adrian Løseth Waade’s first album in his own name. While having contributed on a long list of Norwegian jazz records, his own music has taken shape, and is finally ready to present. For the occasion, he has recruited some of his absolute favourite musicians, every one of which helps to create a mood that is «just right». Sometimes simple and melodic, sometimes ecstatic and free, but always expressive, encapsulating both the grave and the playful.

Adrian Løseth Waade – violin (compositions)
Kjartan Lægreid Gullikstad – guitar
Bardur Reinert Poulsen – bass
Simon Olderskog Albertsen – drums



||: The Big YES! :||

Released on the 23rd of August


The Scandinavian music scene has for some decades now proven to be a fertile breeding ground for aspiring international artists. THE BIG YES! is no exception, and carries on the fruitful tradition of exciting collaborations between the Scandinavian countries. The quartet’s debut album was recorded during a tour in early 2018 and captures the energetic synergy of four harmonic individuals in perfect unison.

Anna Högbergsaxophone
Maria Bertel trombone
Christian Meaas Svendsenbass
Ole Mofjelldrums



Christian Meaas Svendsen with Nakama & Rinzai Zen Center Oslo

New Rituals

Released on the 24th of May

New Rituals is a piece of music in three 40 minutes long parts, written for the ensemble Nakama and a Zen Buddhist choir, for Nakama and for solo bass respectively.

The three parts are built on the same material: 10 Zen Buddhist sutras. The recording is investigating the part of Zen Buddhist philosophy which states that no thing exists as a separate self; everything is inseparable from everything else and always in flux.
The music is released in three volumes. The LP edition entails within it the CD edition, which itself can be bought separate.

Christian Meaas Svendsenbass, voice, compositions
Agnes Hvizdalek – voice
Adrian Løseth Waade – violin
Ayumi Tanakapiano
Andreas Wildhagendrums
feat. Rinzai Zen Center Oslo – choir 




Kasper Skullerud Værnes & Andreas Wildhagen – Troposgrafien

Released on the 16th of November

Digitalt cover2.jpg

Kasper Skullerud Værnes and Andreas Wildhagen has played together for ten years as of 2018. They formed a duo shortly after meeting, and quickly realized that the format was worth further explorations. Through the years and in various ensembles and projects such as KNYST! (trio with bassist and Nakama founder Christian Meaas Svendsen,) and Paal Nilssen-Love Large Unit, the duo has grown and developed a highly flexible and telepathic interplay. This is their first release as a duo, and a solid document of the strong communication between the two. Troposgrafien is a volcanic and dynamic statement, in which loud and intense expressions meets subtle dialogues.

Kasper Skullerud Værnes - saxophones
Andreas Wildhagen
- drums and percussion



Goh Lee Kwang & Christian Meaas Svendsen – gibberish, balderdash and drivel

Released on the 2nd of March

audio Block
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Gibberish, balderdash and drivel consists of three nonsensical musical conversations between Malaysian nylon guitar player Goh Lee Kwang and Norwegian bass player Christian Meeas Svendsen.

The album was recorded in an independent art gallery close to Kuala Lumpur with a handheld device. It tells us the story of the first encounter between two different mindsets, nationalities and generations trying - and totally failing at - making any sensible dialogue with their respective musical languages.

Still, the music flows unobstructed, blissfully ignorant of the lack of mutual understanding. Just listen closely and ask yourself: does your skin connect you or separate you from the rest of the world?

Goh Lee Kwang – nylon guitar
Christian Meaas Svendsen – double bass

This album is also part art project. The album comes together with a custom made pencil which you can use to draw your own cover. If you do - and if you have an Instagram account - then be sure to hashtag it with #gibberishbalderdashdrivel




Nakama – Worst Generation

Released on the 17th of November


Video by
Anders Ø. Jensen

Socrates said, some 2000 years ago: «The children nowadays love luxury. They have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for elders and love chatter in place of exercise». In the eyes of the elders, the youth is always representing a worse generation. In today’s western world there still lives a total of 5 historically distinguishable generations. The track titles on Nakama’s 4th album is named after them. Zooming out in both time and space and looking at the current state of the world these five generations must truly be the «Worst Generation» ever in human history. They are all part of- and have contributed to the current state of affairs. Paradoxically, new generations also bring with them a sense of hope and change. Maybe when we look back again 100 years from now this Generation turns out to be the best one?!

Worst Generation is Nakama’s first album with the group’s new member Agnes Hvizdalek. It is also the group’s first fully improvised album. The titles on the CD is in English on one side and Japanese on the other with the imprint in beautiful gloss. The LP version is in lenticular – the motif changes when viewed from a different angle! One thing is always something different and at the same time two sides of the same coin...





Released on the 22nd of September



Juxtaposition is a studio work of four Oslo based improvisers recorded in the spring of 2016. Various timbres of opposite extremes – as a result of each musicians' different approach and background – coexist without hierarchical restrictions. Having that in mind, the mixing process played a crucial role to deliver a concrete body of equalitarian sonic output. Without compromise, these moments of joy and pain, screams, feedback and bird sounds are layered on top of each other, creating a non-hierarchical, juxtaposed mesh of both organic, generated and pre-recorded sounds.

juxt3 web2.jpg

Agnes Hvizdalek - voice

Magnus Skavhaug Nergaard - el. bass, electronics, field rec.

Utku Tavil - snare drum, no-input mixer, sampler

Natali Abrahamsen Garner - voice, electronics





Photo: Lisi Charwat

Photo: Lisi Charwat

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Akmee — Neptun

Releases on the 22nd of June


Neptune. A planet invisible to the naked eye, it was originally discovered through mathematical deduction after scientists noticed unexpected changes in the course of Uranus. It was named after the Roman god of the sea. In addition to being ruler of the liquid element, he was said to have tremendous power over our subconsciousness and emotions, which we ourselves still have little understanding of today. The title represents the unknown, ranging from the depths of the human mind and the oceans out to the vastness and mysteries of space. The music itself is a rubbery mass of composed and improvised ideas stirred and distilled into a concrete pellet with a unique flavor: It is dark like the deep sea, astral as the sky and uncategorizable as our very own subconscious – and it grooves in a minimalistic, awkwardly satisfactory Akmee-kind of way.

Erik Kimestad Pedersen – trumpet
Kjetil Jerve – piano
Erlend Albertsen – bass
Andreas Wildhagen – drums

Neptun is available on CD, LP, digital download and streaming.

Video by
Lars Rolland Andersen



Christian Meaas Svendsen — Avin

Released on the 11th of May


Photo: Emil Gurvin, make-up: Marte Østensen

Photo: Emil Gurvin, make-up: Marte Østensen

Avin is the next solo project from Christian Meaas Svendsen. The album consists of Norwegian lyrics in a traditional singer/songwriter-style wrapped in a somewhat challenging and unconventional format. The music is arranged for an 8-piece band consisting of some of Norway’s finest musicians.

The central theme on the album is their unfinished love, and the texts and the music describe Svendsen’s feelings and reflections in the turbulent phases of a relationship. Loss, anger and despair are repeating themes, but amidst it all there is hope and a strange kind of underlying positivism. The music is inspired from early American contemporary music, modern nordic improvised music and different types folk songs. The result is a more meek version of the modern contemporary music, a slightly more strict version of improvised music and jazz, and a somewhat detached way of presenting conventional singer/songwriter material. It is creative music with some healthy resistance presented in an earnest, convincing and personal way.


Svendsen is also making a music video together with film magician André Løyning. The video is done like a one-take; a 20 minute continuous shot which will result in a video which is just as much a short movie and an art movie as it is a music video. It is challenging our consumption of visual impressions and short attention span, indirectly arguing that the music video as an art form must not be devoured by commercial powers and tabloid formats.

Christian Meaas Svendsen is normally playing bass, leading his own projects or functioning as a sideman in countless other creative projects. But on this recording he is singing his own lyrics and playing the guitar himself. The rest of the ensemble consists of:

Vilde Alnæs - violin
Adrian Løseth Waade - viola
Kaja Fjellberg Pettersen - cello
Inga Aas - double bass
Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø - trombone
Espen Reinertsen - saxophone
Agnes Hvizdalek - vocal






Agnes Hvizdalek — Index

Released on the 27th of February


Photo: Lisi Charwat

Photo: Lisi Charwat

Index is a 47 minutes long abstract of Agnes Hvizdalek's decade-long experimental music practice and systematic research on the sonic possibilities of the human voice. It can be read as a book of references to contemporary and electronic music, as well as a kind of meta-alphabetical catalogue of verbal communication’s smallest building bricks: a table of content, or depending on the point of view, a blacklist.

The piece is recorded at the bottom of a 60 meter high chimney of the ancient factory Casa das Caldeiras in the heart of São Paulo. We follow Agnes Hvizdalek on a consequent path from intimate breaths and clicks to powerful echoing overtones and multiphonics. The lonesome, unprocessed voice is accompanied by the macro-soundscape of city noises and other background sounds, such as construction workers' radios, ambient activity within the factory and helicopters flying overhead – gentle reminders of the outside world.




Nakama — Most Intimate

Released on 12th of December


Most Intimate is a collaborative album which portrays Nakama as ensemble players, soloists, composers and improvisers. The record is an exploration of the phrase Most Intimate interpreted through the lense of playing, writing, composing and relating to both the known and unknown. It was recorded at the end of a the band's first tour, and Christian explains "I wanted the tour to culminate in a recording session which took advantage of the fatigue we were suffering from. Great things happen when the discerning, analytic and intellectual mind is bypassed".

The album is available on CD, LP and digital services. The physical version comes with the liner notes embossed into the actual cover. It looks great, feels great and sounds great!



Nakama Records Label-night on the 19th of November

Jinchuuriki – Filosofer – Andreas Wildhagen solo – Tanaka // Lindvall // Wallumrød ++



Tanaka // Lindvall // Wallumrød — 3 pianos

Released on 19th of November


Photo: Helge Lien

Photo: Helge Lien

The piano is a vast instrument with a long history. If three pianists with highly dissimilar personalities play three pianos at the same time, would it be possible to get away from what is known as the piano sound?

Ayumi Tanaka - piano
Johan Lindvall - piano
Christian Wallumrød - piano

The curiosity for the piano and its countless possibilities was the outset whereas the wish to bend the common boundaries for piano music was the background for this project. The ensemble has clear connections to the music and the ideas of the twentieth century. The material is developed in their own way by focusing on elements like tuning, register, intervals and dynamics.

Video by
Joakim Helland Sture



Andreas Wildhagen — No Right No Left

Released October 31st


No Right No Left is the first solo album of drummer Andreas Wildhagen. The recording is done by simple means in his own rehearsal space late July 2016, but the music is by no means simple. Andreas explains:

"In order to eliminate right and left, one has to imagine a view which is not rooted in a subject or object. If we lack a reference point, right and left disappears. Right and left, good and bad permeate society, but music itself can step outside of this. This record is 40 minutes of drums moving through different sonic and rhythmic territories. Most of the time it is rhythmic/gestural, often super-imposing two or more tempos at the time. With a few exceptions, the titles are a play on perspectives, visualizing the material from different places. For instance; what we perceive as fast may be ultra slow-motion from a different point of view."

No Right No Left is released on CD, LP, digital streaming and downloading.  

Andreas Wildhagen - drums and percussion

Video by
Lars Rolland Andersen




Jinchuuriki — Kyuubi

Released August 29th


Nakama Records’ fifth release features violin duo Jinchuuriki consisting of Norwegian wonder boys Håkon Aase and Adrian Løseth Waade. The duo has seemingly emerged out of nowhere, but their existence seems as natural as night turning into day. The album is entitled «Kyuubi» (both band name and title is derived from the popular anime Naruto) and is a free exploration of sound within the boundaries of their instruments and their own musicality. The album is comprised of 20 small pieces ranging in expression from reductionist and sparse textures, to filmscore-like tonal landscapes with clear dramatic outlines. Their contribution to the label is a treasure box full of surprises.

Kyuubi will be out on CD, LP and digital streaming and downloading. Cover design by the young gentlemen themselves. If you can't find it in a shop near you, just get in touch, and we will be happy to distribute! 

Håkon Aase - violin
Adrian Løseth Waade - violin



Nakama — Grand Line

Released May 23rd


Nakama's goal with their second release has not been to restate what has already been defined or accepted, but to challenge recognizable patterns and contribute to the expansion and evolution of our musical consciousness and the multitude of possibilities in which musical events can order themselves. The music on Grand Line is made up of two separate components: musical compositions and form compositions, and as opposed to a form which is completely set or on the other hand totally free, Grand Line investigates form as something malleable. Challenging stuff!


Grand Line will be released on CD, double LP, digital download and streaming. The LP comes in black, beautiful, thick cardboard with the title track from the album embossed into the cover with bronze foil. The inner sleeves are custom made and features each band member wearing a handmade origami-headwear. Recorded in legendary Rainbow Studio in Oslo it sounds just as good as it looks!I

Cover design by
Mikkel Cappelen Smith

Video by
Björn Larsson



Filosofer — Landet er gitt oss

Released April 4th

Filosofer consists of an unorthodox string quartet and an experimental DJ, and the combination of these acoustic and electronic ingredients surely put a signature on their music. The recording features three selections from different live shows done in the recent past. Piano player Kjetil Jerve and vibraphone player Rob Waring appears as guests. Check out the teasers!

Available on CD, LP, digital download and streaming. Cover art is done by Japanese artist Jun Fukukawa.


Bendik Baksaas - synth, computer, sampler
Håkon Aase - violin
Adrian Løseth Waade - violin
Erlend Albertsen - double bass, saxophone
Christian Meaas Svendsen - double bass

Video by
Christian Meaas Svendsen

Jun Fukukawa

Music by



Christian Meaas Svendsen — Forms & Poses

Released February 1st


Forms & Poses is Christian Meaas Svendsen's second solo album, and it explores the relationship between the body and the double bass both visually and auditory.

The album  is released on CD, LP and for digital download and streaming. The CD comes with a 24 page-booklet with pictures taken by Kristoffer Eikrem, and linear written by Christian himself. The LP version features a beautiful square insert with the same info.

Photo: Kristoffer Eikrem

Photo: Kristoffer Eikrem

Photo by
Kristoffer Eikrem

Video by
Björn Larsson

Music by
Christian Meaas Svendsen





Nakama — Before the Storm

Released December 1st

Video by Joakim Sture


On December 1st Nakama released their debut album Before the Storm. They made this glimpse behind the scenes from the process, with some musings and descriptions of what the album is all about.

Take a look!


The music is a combination of european contemporary jazz anno 2000, American contemporary music from the 60’s, Japanese traditional music and a hint of romantic, classical music — With silence as constructive element and maybe as the leading ingredient in the four tracks.

Silence is something that fascinates me, both inside and outside of music – so I feel like this album explores the tension between silence and non-silence. Maybe tries to give an answer to what silence can be.

Christian Meaas Svendsen


Nakama - Before the Storm

Nakama's debut album Before the Storm was released on December 1st and is now available for streaming on all major streaming services, and for download via subradar.no

The label is currently working on landing good deals for physical distribution. In the meantime - if you are interested in a physical copy, send us an e-mail, and we'll help you the best we can!

More about the album in our catalogue-section

Here's a little taste from the album: