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Would you be interested in participating in a summer course in improvisation with improvisers and composers from the younger generation as teachers? The Nakama Collective invites you to The Nacademy – an alternative and wholesome experience of working with improvised and composed music on the participants own premises.

About The Nacademy

The Nacademy is a project which springs our from the record company Nakama Records and the band Nakama. Both are built on the idea that music should be a collective process, both in preparations and execution and that music can entail so much more than just sound. Music is a social instruction, a way of life and for some a life view or philosophy. The music of is about co-operation, sharing experiences and tasks together, building each other strong and — hopefully — make the world a better place to be. We wish to be a healthy counterweight to the more traditional approach to jazz and improvisation. Having said that - we don’t discard any method, theory or concept. All approaches has the potential to create fantastic music!

The Nacademy’s goal is to give the participants a taste of how music – both improvised and composed – can be accessed creatively in both theory and in execution. The course is set to inspire an undogmatic approach to what music can be and how it can be made. We pay attention to what the students themselves want to learn, and the course plan is flexible in order to meet the participants wishes and needs.

The main focus of the course is interplay and working with repertoire that the teacher’s prepare in advance. This repertoire can be anything from thoroughly composed pieces to drafts and small ideas, and reflects the course’s overall goal of giving the participants a taste of different kinds of ways of creating music. The participants will work together in one big group.

In addition to the interplay-classes, the participants will get one-to-one lessons with at least one of the teacher’s. In addition we will touch upon the following topics:

– Music as magic — its transcendental function
– Music between the keys — An introduction to overtones and Harry Partch
– Usage of polyrythms in free music
– Listening lesson

The course is being held at Flerbruket which is located between Løken and Hemnes, about one hour East of Oslo. Both participants and teachers will live, work, play and cook together. On the last day of the course, the students will do a studio session and record the repertoire they have worked with and also do a live concert for a local audience. 


Wednesday 14.08
18:00 – Arrival, dinner, social. Mini concert with teachers

Thurday 15.08 and Friday 16.08
08:00 – Breakfast
09:00 – Interplay, band
11:30 – Teacher’s hour: listening/theory/history
12:30 – Lunch, break
13:30 – One-on-one, free time
14:30 – Teacher’s hour: listening/theory/history
15:30 – Dinner, free time*
17:30 – Interplay, band
19:30 – Supper

Saturday 17.08
08:00 – Breakfast
09:00 – Rigging in the studio and studio work
12:30 – Lunch, break
13:30 – Studio continues
16:30 – Dinner, clean up
19:00 – Live concert

* Changes might occure
** We cook dinner together

Sign-up and payment

The course cost is NOK 2000 and is payed to 9857.05.25808
For international transactions:
IBAN: NO9098570525808
Please mark payment with your name

Sign-up form on the bottom of this page.



Andreas Røysum (b. 1991)
Andreas Røysum is a clarinet player, composer and curator and organizer living in Oslo. Improvisation is the cornerstone in is musicianship and essential in the music he himself loves, be it free jazz, Indian classical music, Balenese gamelan, Maroccon trance music or Norwegian folk music. In 2019 you can hear him with Miman, Marthe Lea Band, Andreas Røysum Ensemble, Alasdair Roberts & Völvur, Nakama, Tristan Honsinger Trio and in duo with Axel Dörner. Since 2015 he has organized the Motvind-festival, and is also organizing the concert series Improverk.


Ayumi Tanaka (b. 1986)
Ayumi Tanaka is a Japanese pianist, composer and improviser living in Norway. She leads her own trio together with drummer Per Oddvar Johansen and fellow Nakama-member Christian Meaas Svendsen on bass. Her curiosity about the possibilities of combining ideas from different styles of music and thoughts make her music unique and fresh in an organic way. Attracted by the communicative powers of music, her motivation for creating music is to open the listener’s heart, and create a space which is free from ethnicity, culture and history.


Andreas Wildhagen (b. 1988)
Andreas can be summed up as an open-minded and flexible musician. The projects he is involved with display a wide range of musical and dynamic output: Intricate improvisations with Lana trio, extreme bursts of energy in Paal Nilssen-Love's Large Unit or beat oriented modern jazz with Mopti and Bendik Baksaas.  To Andreas, diversity has never been a goal in itself, however the urge to explore new areas of music has always been there. Because creativity and intuition is always flowing and moving, never stopping in one place, it is the same way with the music he plays.

Magnus Stivi WEB.jpg

Christian Meaas Svendsen (b. 1988)
Christian is first and foremost a bass player, but he also runs a record label, a concert series, a festival and works with cover design from time to time. Known through bands such as Mopti, Duplex, Paal Nilssen-Love Large Unit og The Big Yes! – to mention a few. His main project is his own band Nakama. With these projects he has played concerts on all continents. As a bass player he is diverse, but his main focus is to find new ways of playing his instrument using all of his body, bows and the bass as the framework.


Flerbruket is an organization which used to be Gamle Østby Skole. The organization was started by musicians Natali Abrahamsen Garner and Magnus Skavhaug Nergaard. Flerbruket’s vision is to create and run an arena for creating, developing and presenting a multitude of artistic expression of high quality in all disciplines within the arts.

Flerbruket’s postal code is Hemnes, Aurskog-Høland and is located 5 km south from Løken and 5 km north of Hemnes, alon fylkesvei 115. The house is surrounded by forest and nature,.

How to get there:



Flerbruket has sheets and towels. You only need:
— Clothes
— Instrument
— Toiletries


Send an e-mail to contact[at]



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