Kasper Skullerud Værnes & Andreas Wildhagen – Troposgrafien

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Kasper Skullerud Værnes & Andreas Wildhagen – Troposgrafien

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BARCODE: CD 7090040250292, LP 7090040250308

RELEASE DATE: 16th November 2018

FORMAT: CD, LP, digital download, streaming

RECORDED:  Norwegian Academy of Music, August 2016

MIXED/MASTERED: Kyrre Laastad/Christian Obermayer

PRODUCED: Andreas Wildhagen and Kasper Værnes

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Kasper Skullerud Værnes and Andreas Wildhagen has played together for ten years as of 2018. They formed a duo shortly after meeting, and quickly realized that the power and subtleness of the sax and drums duo format was worth further explorations. Through the years and in various ensembles and projects such as KNYST! (trio with bassist and Nakama founder Christian Meaas Svendsen,) and Paal Nilssen-Love Large Unit, the duo has grown and developed a highly flexible and telepathic interplay. This is their first release as a duo, and a solid document of the strong communication between the two.

For Kasper and Andreas the duo has always worked as a playground where impulses and ideas are explored with a common set of core values. They form a volcanic and dynamic duo, where loud and intense expressions meets subtle dialogues (at least occasionally). Recorded during a rehearsal period in 2016. There are five tracks on the album, most of the music is made up on the spot.


1. Jord og muld
2. Magma
3. Ødet
4. Skysoveren
5. Grus gjennom luft

Kasper Skullerud Værnes - saxophones
Andreas Wildhagen - drums and percussion

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