Photo: Jenny Berger Myhre

Photo: Jenny Berger Myhre

A five-piece band led by Norwegian bass player Christian Meaas Svendsen. Nakama is Japanese and can be translated as «comrade», or simply a community of people where no one is above the other. The group was founded as a quartet in 2015 but expanded to quintet late 2016. The music draws influences from European jazz, early American contemporary music, Japanese traditional music and the harmonies of the romantic classical era. Furthermore the music intimately explores the relation between content and non-content, and the possibilities of working with flexible forms on a fixed musical material.

Agnes Hvizdalek - vocal

Adrian Løseth Waade - violin

Ayumi Tanaka - piano

Andreas Wildhagen - drums

Christian Meaas Svendsen - bass

Releases from Nakama