Nakama Records

Nakama Records was founded as a musicians’ collective in 2015. The label arranges concerts and releases selected projects of the collective’s musicians, each of whom are connected to the expansive band Nakama. The term Nakama is Japanese and in Japanese writing written like: 仲間. The word itself can be translated into «peer» or «comrade», and sums up the philosophy of a non-hierarchic label with respect for each member’s musical agenda, but with a common goal to feed the world with interesting, ground breaking, alternative music.

We are currently working on finding good and dedicated distributors for physical copies. If you have any questions, requests, praise or complaints, just send us an e-mail, and we will do our best to meet your inquiry.

Interested in buying our goods? Have you got questions about shipping?

Nakama Records is run by touring musicians. Usually we will answer every inquiry within 1-2 days, but if you request items from us, you might have to wait some time for us to be able to ship. When it comes to shipping fees we have two shipping settings: one for domestic- and one for international shippings. Shipping from Norway to countries like USA and Japan is expensive, so shipping starts at €10 for international shipping (which is actually less than what it costs to ship a properly packed LP abroad), and continues with €2 for every added item. If you want to ship to a neighboring country like Sweden, or anywhere else where you suspect the actual shipping fee to be less than €10, please just contact us directly, and we will look into it. Also - ordering CDs from our bandcamp site is cheaper than from our own store, as the shipping settings are more flexible in the bandcamp structure. We are continuously working on finding good and dedicated distributors for our music. As our distribution grows, we will hopefully be able to avoid these crazed shipping fees. 

Physical distribution:

  • Norway - Diger Distro, Nakama Records, Loop Records
  • Japan - Disk Union
  • USA - Squidco
  • Canada - DAME/actuellecd

Digital distribution:

  • streaming - Phonofile
  • digital download - Subradar

The collective consists of...

 Agnes Hvizdalek Vocals

Agnes Hvizdalek

  Ayumi Tanaka   Piano

Ayumi Tanaka

  Christian Meaas Svendsen   Bass

Christian Meaas Svendsen

 Adrian Løseth Waade Violin

Adrian Løseth Waade

 Andreas Wildhagen Drums

Andreas Wildhagen